It's Personal

Surviving and Thriving on the Journey of Church Planting

MARRIAGE. FRIENDSHIPS. FAMILY. Planting a church is more than a ministry—it’s a calling that touches every aspect of your life in very personal ways. Veteran church-planting couple Brian and Amy Bloye know the challenges of launching a church, leading staff, and dealing with growth and change all while seeking to balance family and ministry responsibilities and maintain spiritual vitality. Planting a church isn’t easy, but it is possible to do more than survive the process—you can actually thrive and grow in faith together as a family.

This helpful book guides couples who are considering a church plant or have started a church in recent years. It shows how to avoid several of the most common pitfalls and offers a unique perspective on building a strong, prevailing ministry while also having a healthy family life. Each chapter includes interviews with church-planting couples who share their personal joys and struggles, giving you authentic insight into the issues families face when planting a church.

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About The Authors

Brian Bloye is the pastor of West Ridge Church in Dallas, Georgia, and the founder of the Launch Network, an organization focused on inspiring and equipping next-generation church planters to lead strong. Brian also serves as founder and president of Engage Burkina, an organization committed to serving the people of Burkina Faso, Africa. Since 2009, 12 churches have been planted and over 100 wells dug in this nation, the world's second-poorest country.

Amy Bloye is a pastor's wife and the mother of two teenage boys. She and her husband, Brian, started West Ridge Church in 1997, and she has a passion for encouraging and connecting church planters' wives. She loves traveling to sunny places and shopping for bargains, but her best time is invested in dating her husband and hanging out with her two boys, Taylor and Zach.